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Safety First

Safety is our first priority and part of everything we do.

It is the product of an organization-wide safety culture that starts with each employee and extends throughout the Company.

We are one of the first in our industry to have established a company-wide Safety Management System (SMS), beginning in 1997.

In 2008, the Federal Government established SMS regulations across most of the aviation industry. In a four-year process, we worked with Transport Canada to ensure a smooth assessment and validation of our SMS in accordance with regulatory requirements, which was approved in June 2012.

Our safety record reflects our ongoing focus on safety excellence and our overarching objective of achieving a safety record in the top 10 per cent of world ANS providers.

That is a standard we have consistently met, thanks to the outstanding work and diligence of all our staff.

We also maintain a confidential safety reporting program called ARGUS, which provides a secure, confidential mechanism for employees to report a potential hazard.