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Corporate Governance

NAV CANADA represents a unique consensus among the Company’s four founding groups: commercial air carriers, the Government of Canada, business and general aviation, and our employees, represented by their unions.

Board of Directors

This consensus is reflected in our governance structure. All key stakeholders are Members of the Company, and elect the Directors.

The Board of Directors is comprised of 15 Directors, at least two-thirds of whom must be Canadian citizens, including the President and Chief Executive Officer:

  • four Directors elected by commercial carriers through the National Airlines Council of Canada (NACC);

  • one Director elected by business and general aviation through the Canadian Business Aviation Association (CBAA);

  • three Directors elected by the Government of Canada;

  • two Directors elected by employee unions;

  • four independent Directors elected by the Board through the Director member; and

  • the President and Chief Executive Officer.

Advisory Committee

A 20-member Advisory Committee of aviation professionals is elected at the Company’s Annual General Meeting. The Committee analyzes issues and makes recommendations to the Board on matters affecting the Company. Its report is found in the Annual Report. ​​​​​