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Corporate Social Responsibility

At NAV CANADA, we understand that a company is defined by more than the products and services it provides, the assets it manages, or its approach to customer and employee relations. A company is defined by its values.
 A company is also defined by its commitment to initiatives that reduce environmental impacts in its business and contribute to environmental efforts and community improvement. It is why we help our aviation customers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through initiatives that increase fuel efficiency, and why we promote energy conservation in our operations and support employee efforts to go green at home.
A company is also defined by the enthusiasm and compassion it brings 
to the communities it shares as a neighbour, and as part of the greater global community. 

​It is why we support and match the efforts of our employees as they donate their time, money and energy to their communities, and to relief efforts around the world. The Company and its employees contribute hundreds of thousands each year to support worthy causes that improve the lives of those who share our communities.
We are proud of our achievements and proud of the culture we have created together — one built on respect, excellence and an unwavering commitment to all our stakeholders. Working together to have a positive impact on the world is a natural extension of our commitment to the people of Canada to keep our skies safe.
Learn more about NAV CANADA’s commitment to people, communities and our planet:

Before moving to a CSR report, NAV CANADA published the Collaborative Initiatives for Emission Reductions (CIFER) report which described our efficiency programs and their benefits to our airline customers, including cost savings. Read archived reports here:

2014 CIFER Status Report
2013 CIFER Status Update
2012 CIFER Status Update​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


NAV CANADA is proud to be recognized by the Imagine Canada Caring Company program for its excellence and leadership in community investment.​​