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Trevor Johnson​

Vice President, ATS Service Delivery

As Vice President, ATS Service Delivery, Mr. Johnson is responsible for the delivery of NAV CANADA’s ATS services with a focus on customers. He provides strategic leadership and direction regarding the Operations service delivery model and ensures that business initiatives are aligned with the corporate objectives and integrated to deliver value to NAV CANADA’s customers.

Mr. Johnson began his career with NAV CANADA in 1988, training as a Flight Service Specialist then an Air Traffic Controller, working in operational units in both specialties in British Columbia and Saskatchewan for more than a decade​. In 2000, Mr. Johnson became Vice President of the Canadian Air Traffic Controllers Association (CATCA) Pacific Region, where he was a member of the national bargaining team. 

From 2005 through 2010, he occupied various positions within Operations management, including Manager of Area Control Centre Operations for the Vancouver Area Control Centre and General Manager of the Vancouver Flight Information Region.

In 2010, Mr. Johnson was appointed to the position of Assistant Vice President, Service Delivery, which encompassed the national oversight and direction for Operations in the country’s seven Flight Information Regions, with a focus on strategic planning and national goal setting operational service delivery, staffing and training.