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Larry Lachance

Vice President, Safety and Quality

As Vice President, Safety and Quality Mr. Lachance is responsible for the NAV CANADA safety management program which provides internal safety oversight of the management of operational risk as required by the Canadian Aviation Regulations. 

His responsibilities include establishing safety policy, assessing the effectiveness of risk management policies, practices and procedures and collecting and analyzing risk-related data.   

In addition, Mr. Lachance reports on safety performance to  the Board of Directors Safety Committee and co-chairs the joint NAV CANADA /   Transport Canada Safety Oversight Committee.

Mr. Lachance began his career as a VFR Air Traffic Controller with Transport Canada in 1977. After qualifying as an IFR Controller in 1980, he became a supervisor in 1983 and a Standards Officer in 1988. He continued to assume progressively more senior positions, including Unit Chief of the Quebec Tower and Terminal Control Unit (TCU) and Operations Manager of the Montreal ACC.

Since transferring to NAV CANADA in 1996, he has served in numerous senior operational positions including General Manager, Montreal Flight Information Region (FIR), Director, Safety and System Performance, Assistant Vice President, Operational Support, and most recently Vice President, Operations. ​