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Expressing concerns about aircraft noise


Contacting airport authorities

Canada’s airports are responsible for managing their facilities and runways in ways that ensure safe operations and support the ongoing demand for air services, including managing the airport’s growth. Airports, working with industry partners and communities, have an important role in noise management, which includes responding to community concerns. 

When expressing specific concerns about aircraft noise with your local airport authority provide as much information as possible - including date, time, location and a detailed description of the event. Several airports have a noise management program to process complaints. Many airports work with other industry stakeholders, including NAV CANADA, to garner operational information in order to provide a response.


Below is a list of relevant airport noise information pages, many of which include links to resources and forms to submit noise concerns.



Contacting NAV CANADA

NAV CANADA provides air traffic management and flight information services in Canadian airspace and international airspace delegated to Canadian control. NAV CANADA is responsible for the safe co-ordination and the efficient movement of aircraft and is also responsible for planning and managing airspace, including flight paths and airways used by airlines.


For questions related to air traffic management, you may wish to contact NAV CANADA's Customer and Stakeholder Services (hours of operation are 8:00-18:00 EST, Monday to Friday).


Contacting Transport Canada

Transport Canada is the regulator of aviation in Canada. Its role is to develop transportation policies and legislation that provide for a high level of safety and security and support a successful, stable aviation sector in Canada. The responsibilities of Transport Canada with regards to noise include reviewing, approving, and publishing new proposed noise control measures at airports, as well as ensuring compliance with published noise abatement procedures and investigating suspected violations.


If you believe a pilot is not abiding by the Canadian Aviation Regulations, you may wish to notify Transport Canada's Civil Aviation Communications Centre.


Contacting the Department of National Defence

For military related operations, please contact the Department of National Defence