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Information for communities on airspace change


Industry effort

Aircraft noise is an unavoidable consequence of aircraft operations, but significant efforts are being made across the aviation industry to reduce the impact of aircraft operations on communities.

Efforts range from building quieter aircraft, to developing navigation procedures that reduce an aircraft’s noise profile or flight paths that better avoid communities, to the implementation of abatement procedures by airports.


Working with airports

Many airports have mechanisms to receive resident complaints about aircraft noise, and some airports have noise-management committees. NAV CANADA supports the work of these committees locally, often as a technical resource on aircraft routing and local air traffic procedures. Our role as air navigation service provider requires us to ensure that our air traffic control procedures adhere to noise operating restrictions and noise abatement procedures throughout Canada.

In considering airspace change, NAV CANADA works closely with airports to manage noise and mitigate its impact on communities near airports.


Working with communities

When making changes to airspace and air routes, this process is guided by the industry’s voluntary Airspace Change Communications and Consultation Protocol.
The Airspace Change Communications and Consultation Protocol (ACCCP) outlines our commitment to transparency and effective engagement with communities potentially affected by proposed changes to airspace. Access the protocol here. The protocol was signed in June 2015.

Airspace reviews and notices

To learn more about completed and currently underway airspace reviews click here.

Working with pilots and controllers

Intended as both an educational piece and a commitment to do better, the Quieter Operations: A Guide for Pilots and Controllers encourages pilots and air traffic controllers to safely employ noise-sensitive operating practices in consideration of their impacts on communities.