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Ben Girard

Vice President, Operational Support

As Vice President, Operational Support, Mr. Girard provides strategic leadership for Operational Support, by leading the development and implementation of programs and practices including: ATS Standards and Procedures, Flight Operations, Aeronautical Information Management (AIM), Navigation and Airspace, and ATS Systems Integration. In addition, he maintains responsibility for the coordination of space-based ADS-B deployment.

Mr. Girard started as an Air Traffic Controller in 1989. From 2004 through to 2016, he has occupied various positions within Operations’ management including Director of Standards and Procedures, as well as General Manager of the Montreal Flight Information Region.

He then served in the position of Assistant Vice President, Operational Support and most recently as Assistant Vice President, Operational Support - Program Implementation, Space-Based ADS-B Aireon, which encompassed the coordination of all internal and external requirements for the space-based ADS-B Aireon program, with a primary focus on software deliverables in Engineering with ATM systems, operational readiness and change management, and supporting various operational groups including System Integration, Training and Standards and Procedures.​​