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Frequently Asked Questions - Privacy

What is "personal information"?

"Personal information" is the term used in the new federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. It includes information such as name, home address, telephone number, date of birth, financial information, medical information and information regarding Internet IP addresses.

Does NAV CANADA use personal information?

NAV CANADA collects and uses personal information for various purposes. Pilots provide customer personal information when they file flight plans. It is also used for billing, alerting search-and-rescue authorities and notifying regulatory authorities. Personal information, including medical information, is used in recruiting candidates for positions with the company, to administer employee pay and benefits, and for other related purposes.

Does NAV CANADA disclose personal information to third parties?

NAV CANADA does not provide customers’ personal information to other companies, except for data derived from flight plans, which is provided to airport operators and used to track arrivals and departures for airport operations and collection of movement charges. NAV CANADA also provides radar data on aircraft movements to Canadian national defence authorities, airport operators and air traffic services organizations in airspace adjacent to Canadian controlled airspace. This data is used to manage noise and ensure that the air navigation system operates safely. Aircraft movement information is provided to companies operating test flight aerodromes as part of aircraft manufacturing facilities to assist in their safe use of airspace. NAV CANADA may disclose names and addresses to agencies collecting overdue air navigation service charges. NAV CANADA provides personal information to government agencies when required by law.

Does NAV CANADA use cookies?

NAV CANADA uses "cookies" to collect information and track user patterns on its web site. NAV CANADA does not combine information gathered by a cookie with personally identifiable information such as your name, telephone number or email address without your consent.

Will my personal information be used for direct mailings or e-mail?

NAV CANADA does not compile mailing lists for third parties and does not mail marketing materials to customers. Customer name and address data is used for flight plan and billing purposes and to mail information on rates and charges, when requested by customers, as required by the federal Civil Air Navigation Services Commercialization Act.

Why is this information appearing on your website now?

As a federally regulated service provider in the transportation sector, NAV CANADA is governed by the provisions of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, which came into effect on January 1, 2001. This statute requires that companies adhere to certain privacy principles and publicize their privacy policies. Prior to its commercialization, the Canadian civil air navigation system was part of Transport Canada and subject to the provisions of the federal Privacy Act. Click here to access NAV CANADA’s Privacy Policy and Privacy Code.

Where else can I get information about privacy?

In addition to NAV CANADA’s Privacy Policy and Privacy Code, you can obtain additional information about our privacy practices by contacting NAV CANADA’s Privacy Coordinator at privacy.confidentialite@navcanada.ca​ or by writing to:

Privacy Coordinator
77 Metcalfe Street
Ottawa, Ontario  K1P 5L6

Fax: 1 (613) 563-3559

Additional information on the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act is available from the Privacy Commissioner of Canada website at www.privcom.gc.ca.