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Runway Safety

Aviation safety – in the air or on the ground – is a responsibility NAV CANADA shares with all aviation stakeholders. That’s why we work with our partners to achieve continuous improvement in runway safety by applying international best practices.

Runway Safety and Incursion Prevention Panel


In 2006, NAV CANADA joined with other aviation stakeholders to create the Runway Safety and Incursion Prevention Panel (RSIPP), which serves as a national forum for exchanging information on runway safety and runway incursions. The panel’s mandate was broadened in 2011 to include runway excursions.

NAV CANADA chairs the panel, which meets at least three times a year. Individual panel members bring their organization’s concerns and recommendations to the panel for discussion, and the panel makes recommendations to improve runway safety. Many of the panel’s recommendations have resulted in safety improvements.

To raise runway-safety issues with the Panel, write to: service@navcanada.ca.

Members of RSIPP



 Air Line Pilots Association 








 National Airlines Council of Canada







Transport Canada