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In the News

As Canada’s civil air navigation services provider, NAV CANADA activities are frequently the subject of feature news coverage. Here you will find links to a selection of print and electronic coverage of our activities.

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​NAV CANADA on The Aviators, Season 7
Technical Operations  

​December 2017
Nav Canada’s next frontier is in space
(Globe and Mail)


​Oct 24, 2017
​A look inside the Montreal-Trudeau Control Tower

Note: Available in French only
​Sept 28, 2017
Assessing the approach
Nav Canada’s flight inspection crews travel to more than 130 Canadian airports every year

As published in the March/April 2017 issue of Skies Magazine,www.skiesmag.com

​April 2017
​Wide sw​ath of satellites will give air controllers a better eye on traffic
(Toronto Star)


​February 10, 2017

A look inside NAV CANADA’s Halifax Control Tower
CTV Atlantic




November 23, 2016



NAV CANADA on The Aviators, Season 6

 Ground Control at YYZ

 Aviators 6.JPG 


​Spring 2016

 NAV Canada’s air traffic control technology has become a staple at airports around the world 

(Ottawa Business Journal)


NAV Canada's Rudy Kellar sees lots of growth potential in foreign sales.


​June 20, 2016

 ​At Work: Lyne Théorêt 

Air Traffic Controller at Nav Canada
 Au Boulot.JPG
Note: Available in French only


​May 2016

New satellites a game-changer for airline industry

(Globe and Mail)

August 31, 2015​

A look inside NAV CANADA's Edmonton Control Tower
(Global TV)
​​May 2015

​A typical morning for NAV CANADA Air Traffic Controllers
(Shaw TV)

​May 2015

​NAV CANADA on The Aviators, Season 5

Vancouver Harbour Tower

November 2014​
A look inside NAV CANADA’s Victoria Control Tower

(CTV News Vancouver Island)

October 6, 2014​
​NAV CANADA leads global effort to keep planes safe (Ottawa Citizen) September 22, 2014

Canada is a world leader in using text messages to communicate with air traffic controllers (Global National)

​July 27, 2014

Reporter learns air traffic control at the Vancouver ACC                                            (CTV News)

​May 23, 2014

New air surveillance technology

(CBC National News)

​April 14, 2014
NAV CANADA Releases More Key ATM Technology                                                   (Aviation Week & Space Technology) ​March 10, 2014

NAV CANADA Initiatives Optimize Transatlantic Routes                                          (Aviation Week & Space Technology)

​March 3, 2014

NAV CANADA on The Aviators, Season 4​

January 2014​

Texting While Flying: Help for Pilots (Wall Street Journal)

​ May 15, 2013

NAV CANADA on The Aviators, Season 3

​December 2012

Canadian technology extends radar's reach over Atlantic (Ottawa Citizen)

​ April 4, 2012

After more than 15 years, NAV CANADA continues to safely monitor our skies (Wings Magazine)

​ March/April 2012

 Canada’s Private ATC System Offers Alternative for Cost-cutting Nations

(Aviation International News) 
 ​January 2012

NAV CANADA on AIR (TVA Sports) Note: Available in french only

​ January 2012

NAV CANADA on The Aviators – Season 2

​ November 2011

NAV CANADA Vancouver Harbour Control Tower (BC Business)

​ November 2011

Eyes to the Sky (24 Heures)

​ October 26, 2011

Faster, cheaper, safer; Made-in-Canada technology is ready for takeoff
(Ottawa Citizen)

​ June 4, 2011


​ April 28, 2011

NAV CANADA as beacon (National Post)

​ December 24, 2010
NAV CANADA on The Aviators - Season 1 (Part 2) ​November 2010

NAV CANADA on The Aviators - Season 1 (Part 1) 

​ October 2010

NAV CANADA - An ANSP Perspective (Air Traffic Management)

​Sept/Oct 2012

Rounding the Corners: RNP is revolutionizing the instrument approach
(Wings Magazine)

​ July /August 2010

On Safety: Innovation and modernization add layers of safety 
(Wings Magazine)

​ July/August 2010

Flying Green: Co-operation, ideas, innovation and action (Wings Magazine)

​ July /August 2010

A Safer Approach - Pursuit of flight efficiency pays green dividend for air navigation system customers (Wings Web Exclusive)

​ Juy 2010

NAV CANADA sets course for future efficiencies (Wings Magazine)

​ March/April 2010

Northern Network (Aviation Week & Space Technology)

​ March 8, 2010

Surveillance Alternative (Aviation Week & Space Technology

​ March 8, 2010

NAV CANADA upgrade leads to fewer emissions from jets

​ October 30, 2009

Watching over the horizon (Prince Albert Daily Herald)

​ October 3, 2009

Airline safety best among the world (Ottawa Citizen)

​ April 15, 2009

NAV CANADA strips away paper (Ottawa Citizen)

​ December 30, 2008

Life-saving air traffic controller honoured (Lloydminster Meridian Booster)

​ November 26, 2008

Eyes in the Villeneuve skies (St. Albert Gazette)

​ October 8, 2008

Control Tower at Quebec City’s Jean Lesage International airport
moves into the high-tech era

​ Sept/Oct 2008

Shepherd of the Skies (South Delta Leader)

​ July 13, 2008

Unsung Heroes of Air Travel (Daily Herale Tribune)

​ May 26, 2008

Air Traffic Controller (Vue Weekly)

​ March 6, 2008

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