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Runway Safety Initiatives

Initiatives to prevent runway incursions

  • NAV CANADA has implemented international best practices and procedures, including standardized phraseology, to improve pilot-controller communications.

  • Working with the Runway Safety Incursion and Prevention Panel (RSIPP), we provided a new communications package to air traffic services staff, pilots and others in the aviation community to raise awareness of runway incursions and how to prevent them.

  • We have implemented Airport Surface Detection Equipment (ASDE) at nine airports. This ground-radar surveillance system provides controllers with information on movement on runways and taxiways, enabling them to detect potential runway conflicts.

  • Other recent runway surveillance improvements include:

    • Montréal-Trudeau – upgraded with multilateration (MLAT) and camera tracking; has an Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (ASMGCS).

    • Calgary International – upgraded with MLAT and ASMGCS.

    • Toronto Pearson – new Surface Movement Radar (SMR) and new ASDE and MLAT surveillance to be installed in 2013.

    • Halifax Stanfield International Airport – upgraded with camera tracking.

    • Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport – upgraded with camera tracking.

  • We formed a working group with our customers and stakeholders to improve ATS-pilot communications and mounted an awareness campaign for ATS personnel and pilots.  More information on that initiative can be found here.