TAF Amendment Response Time Results by Issuing Office
Scenario: NC_CRITERIA    Month: October    Year: 2016    Target: ≥ 90%
EC Weather Centre Location Number of observations not covered by current TAF Number responded to by an amended TAF Number responded to by next regular TAF Number where weather changed back to match TAF Number where weather and TAF remained inconsistent Average response time in minutes Percentage of TAF responses within 20 minutes Number of proactive amendments
Montreal 2264 1427 118 678 41 15 83% 974
Edmonton 3434 2365 196 797 76 15 80% 1436
National 5698 3792 314 1475 117 15 82% 2410
Note: tThe Scenario indicates the amendment criteria that is used in calculating the amendment response time.   The scenario “NC_CRITERIA” uses all the MANAIR (Standards Document) amendment criteria defined in section 2.9 Amended TAFs with the exception of the 2500/6 ceiling and visibility threshold (when actual conditions are better than forecast), Obscurations, and Wind.