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Your Career Opportunities

When you join NAV CANADA as an Electronics Technologist, you will enter one of two specialisations:

Air Traffic Management (ATM)

The Air Traffic Management (ATM) team works with communications equipment, RADAR displays, flight planning and tracking equipment, and other critical safety and performance tools. These mission-critical systems require expert knowledge of communications systems, server hardware, operating systems, applications programs and local/wide area networking, plus intra-system connectivity. ATM Technologists work primarily in our seven Area Control Centres located in Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, Moncton and Gander.


Communications, Navigation, Surveillance (CNS)

 The Communications, Navigation and Surveillance team provides routine maintenance, software upgrades and restorative actions to equipment located at Air Navigation Service (ANS) facilities, airports and remote locations across the country. CNS Technologists require a thorough knowledge of specialty communications, navigation and surveillance hardware, operating systems, application programs and network communications. CNS Technologists are based out of our maintenance centres located across the country. With more than 1,100 navigational aids nationwide, CNS Technologists can spend a significant portion of their time traveling to remote locations within their Flight Information Region.