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Training is a regular and important part of a Technologist’s career at NAV CANADA.

When you first join the team, you will participate in a 12-day orientation course at the NAV CENTRE located in Cornwall. 

After this, the training continues and you can expect to take approximately 50 courses in the first three years as you gradually become an expert in air
navigation technology. About a third of these are delivered at the NAV CENTRE (the average duration of a course in Cornwall is 13 days) and typically have a hands-on component, providing an opportunity to learn about the equipment guided by an experienced instructor. The remaining courses consist of self-study and virtual courses.

Depending on your stream, you’ll learn the intricacies of a large number of systems, from traffic management systems and networks, to Instrument Landing Systems (ILS), radar and communications systems essential to pilots navigating and staying in contact with air traffic control.

One thing is certain: as your career progresses, the learning never stops. NAV CANADA is a technological leader in the industry. As a result, you will regularly be exposed to new systems and processes as they are introduced into your Flight Information Region.