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Our Executive Team

Neil R. Wilson

President and Chief Executive Officer

​Rudy Kellar

Executive Vice President, Service Delivery

Sandy N. Struthers

Executive Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer


Raymond G. Bohn
Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Communications & Public Affairs​ 

Elizabeth Cameron
Vice President, Labour Relations​



​Leigh Ann Kirby
Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

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​Larry Lachance

Vice President, Safety and Quality​

​Charles Lapointe

Vice President, Technical Operations

Donna Mathieu

Vice President, Pension Investments

Andrew Norgaard

Vice President, Communications and Public Affairs

​Claudio Silvestri

Vice President and Chief Information Officer
​​ Rob Thurgur​
Vice President, Operations


​​Kim Troutman

Vice President, Engineering