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Corporate Responsibility

At NAV CANADA, we understand that a company is defined by more than the products and services it provides, the assets it manages, or its approach to customer and employee relations.  

A company is defined by the integrity and ethical conduct of everyone involved in the business, and by the values that underpin that conduct. 

It is why we encourage a culture of mutual respect and excellence, and the broad applicability of our Code of Business Conduct to employees, directors, customer and suppliers.

A company is also defined by its commitment to initiatives that reduce the impact of its services on the environment and contribute to community efforts for environmental improvement.

CIFER thumbnail.JPGIt is why we help our aviation customers to conserve fuel and reduce greenhouse gas emissions through our CIFER initiatives, and why we promote energy conservation in our operations and support employee efforts to go green at home.

A company is also defined by the enthusiasm and compassion it brings to the communities it shares as a neighbour, and as part of the greater global community.

It is why we support and match the efforts of our employees as they donate their time, money and energy to their communities, and to relief efforts around the world.

For example, employees rallied to help Haiti following the devastating earthquake there in 2010. They showed the same spirit in donating tens of thousands in relief funds for victims of Japan’s catastrophic earthquake and tsunami, as well as the drought in East Africa.

​Closer to home, the Company and its employees contribute hundreds of thousands each year to support causes such as the United Way and the Movember campaign across Canada, as well as local initiatives from the Ottawa Hospital Foundation to the “Be My Hero” campaign for the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Winnipeg, the Défi-Vélo in Quebec, and the Terry Fox Run in Yellowknife and other sites.

We’re proud of our commitment to corporate responsibility. It has guided our development, fostered innovation, supported relationships with our stakeholders and sets the foundation for our future success.​​​​