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Corporate Responsibility

Protecting the environment

At NAV CANADA we’ve made a commitment to reduce the impact of our services and those of our customers on the environment.

We have established an environmental corporate objective: to introduce measurable benefits which contribute to the reduction of the environmental footprint of the aviation industry.

We apply that objective first and foremost, by helping our customers to conserve fuel and reduce greenhouse gas emissions through our Collaborative Initiatives for Emissions Reductions (CIFER). These programs target enroute and airport efficiency improvements, supported by procedural changes and technology innovation.

Collaboration extends to working with the Government of Canada and our other industry partners on various activities including Canada’s Action Plan to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Aviation and an international Aviation Industry Commitment to Action on Climate Change.

Our own Corporate Policy on the Environment, designed to ensure Company-wide support for our environmental goals, is backed up by our Environmental Management System, which is registered to the industry benchmark standard, ISO 14001.

We also work cooperatively with airports on issues related to aircraft noise impacts on communities.