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Corporate Responsibility

Aircraft Noise

Aircraft noise is an unavoidable consequence of aircraft operations. NAV CANADA works closely with airports to manage noise and mitigate its impact on communities near airports.

Our role as air navigation service provider requires us to ensure that our air traffic control procedures adhere to noise operating restrictions and noise abatement procedures throughout Canada. Transport Canada is the federal department responsible for enforcing published noise abatement procedures.

There have been some promising technological and operational advances in recent years that are contributing to reduced noise. For example, new models of aircraft operate more quietly than previous models. Satellite based navigation technology makes more direct routes possible, which also supports moving from stepped arrivals to constant descent arrivals, which create less noise.

In some cases, noise abatement procedures developed for earlier types of aircraft need to be reevaluated, so that more efficient – and quieter – approach and departure procedures may be designed.

Many airports have mechanisms to receive resident complaints about aircraft noise, and some airports have noise-management committees. NAV CANADA supports the work of these committees locally, often as a technical resource on aircraft routing and local air traffic procedures.