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​NAV CANADA's Safety Management System

Key to the achievement of NAV CANADA's overarching safety objective is an effective, efficient and fully integrated Safety Management System (SMS) - one that recognizes that good safety performance is a sound business practice.

 Our SMS is comprised of systematic and comprehensive process and procedures for managing risk to assure that safety management at NAV CANADA is proactive, effective, efficient and integrated across groups and functions.

 NAV CANADA's Safety Management System is based on:

  • a philosophy that accidents are organizationally based - it must encompass not only our technical and operational systems but also financial and human resources.

  • a safety goal to reduce risk to a level as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP);

  • a recognition that safety is afforded the highest priority over commercial, operational, environmental or social pressures;

  • an understanding that everyone has a responsibility to contribute to the achievement of the safety goal; and

  • a commitment to the proactive, systematic, consistent and coordinated management of safety risks to projects and programs, as well as service and product delivery.