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Information for Suppliers

The following information has been provided for suppliers who wish to do business with NAV CANADA.

Contracting at NAV CANADA

At NAV CANADA, purchasing is managed by the Contracting, Logistics and Fleet department (CLF). CLF’s mandate is to provide the Company with the best tools at the most cost-effective price to ensure the delivery of safe, efficient and cost-effective air navigation services. 

What We Buy 

NAV CANADA’s requirements are diverse and include complex software systems, professional services, office and other building supplies, construction services, fleet vehicles, training, and many others. 

How We Buy 

NAV CANADA seeks suppliers who can fulfil the Company’s stated requirements, who maintain ethical business relationships and practices, and who support fair and open competition within the marketplace.

NAV CANADA uses a variety of methods for supplier selection, including requests for proposals, request for information and request for quotations (RFXs).

Submission of Bids

NAV CANADA will specify how and where a bid is to be submitted. Electronic bids are accepted in certain circumstances, but only with the express written permission of the appropriate NAV CANADA Contracting Officer. 

Bids or other proposals will NOT be accepted at the NAV CANADA Head Office Front Desk (77 Metcalfe Street, Ottawa, Ontario Canada).


NAV CANADA’s preferred method of payment to suppliers is by Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT). Click here to download our EFT form.​

Please forward the completed form to NAV CANADA Accounts Payable (A/P):

ACCT_AP@navcanada.ca or Fax to (613) 563-5697

If you have any questions, or for invoice billing inquiries please contact A/P Client Services at: 

ACCT_AP@navcanada.ca  or 1 (888) 873-8001

Purchase Order Standard Conditions

The Standard Conditions applying to all Purchase Orders issued by NAV CANADA can be found here​.

Supplier Code of Conduct

As part of our responsible sourcing strategy, NAV CANADA is committed to working with our suppliers to set clear expectations of their conduct. NAV CANADA has formalized and standardized these expectations in our Supplier Code of Conduct​.